Biodegradable String

It has been years since Agrinature included within its product catalogue some agricultural accessories of a greater importance in the future due to the positive environmental impact in both the natural and ecological intensive agriculture. Such an example of this is a Biodegradable string “Hilobí” (a substitute of the raffia fibre) which will allow you to apply a new system when dealing with agricultural residues by, one: allowing waste processing plants to reduce costs so it is not necessary to separate the raffia fibre from waste and therefore having a “cleaner” reuse of the vegetable remains; and two: allowing the farmer to make his own compost, with all the advantages it brings to you, especially in the environmental and economic aspects.

Within the Hilo Bio range there are several diameters available to be used according to the weight they can resist.

Tomatoes, staked at 2,2-2-5 m to the string, to be used with Hilobí of 35 Kg.
Tomatoes in “Hangers”, to be used with Hilobí of 35 Kg.
Peppers, horizontal lines to be used with Hilobí of 20 Kg.
Peppers, vertical lines to be used with Hilobí string of 45 Kg.
Properties Composition Cellulose/Biopolymer
Environmentally Friendly 100% Biodegradable
Tensile Strength & 45 Kg. 35 Kg. 20 Kg.
Stretch 5% 5% 5%
Characteristics Length (length/weight) 500m/Kg. 600m/Kg. 700m/Kg.
Approx. weight per reel 5 Kg. 5 Kg. 5 Kg.
Reel’s width 300 m/m 300 m/m 300 m/m
Diameter max.300 max.300 max.300