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Agrinature Indálica SA is dedicated to commercialise agricultural seeds. At the moment, the Company has an extensive catalogue of these products. The selection of the varieties commercialised is supplied by our sister company Agrinature Innova S.L., which is focused on the development of its own projects on plant breeding by working on several own lines of research.

In addition, and according to our policy of environmentally-friendly products, within the catalogue of Agrinature Indálica SA there are available accessories for staking which have a great future in the intensive agriculture. Such cases are the Biodegradable String “Hilobí” (a substitute of the raffia fibre), the biodegradable clips, and the Biodegradable and Compostable Paper for cushioning. Using them results in great advantages, in comparison with the use of the raffia fibre, positively affecting all components of the production cycle, including production, waste processing, as well as the administration in charge of the compliance of the environmental legislation. As a result, a clean and environmentally-friendly production cycle is completed.